Espresso 8g

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About the product:
This is an elegant pack of Colombian Brew Instant coffee made with handpicked 100% pure coffee beans roasted and grinded using authentic Colombian techniques. No Chicory. Colombian Brew is inspired by Francisco Romero, a priest in the mid-16th century Colombia that started its coffee penance.

- 100 percent Vegetarian
- 1 Spoon makes 1 cup of 125ml
- Relieves muscle pain after work out by 48%
- Protects against liver cirrhosis
- Lowers risk of diabetes and heart disease
- Makes you happy and energetic

How To Use:
Use spoon provided in the pack.One spoon makes one cup of 125 ml.Heat 125 ml of water/milk.Add 1 spoon of Colombian Brew Coffee.Add sugar as per taste.