Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filter

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Indoor air is 5 times more polluted than the air outside and is a serious concern worldwide. To combat this, 3M brings to you a very innovative solution, Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filters.

Designed with FiltreteTM brand 3-in-1 technology, this product is a non woven fibre material filter that sits on the existing filtering screens of your spilt AC covering 60 - 80 % surface of it for optimal air flow. It captures MicroParticle pollutants like household dust, smoke and exhausts and clears 83 % of it from indoor air within an hour of use.

These filters are designed to compliment the existing filtering screen of your wall mounted air conditioners to enable it to remove PM2.5 and other MicroParticle pollutants from the air inside your home so you can clean your air while you cool it.


  • Removes 83% of PM2.5 and MicroParticle content from indoor air within an hour of application
  • Purifies your air for upto 3 months depending on air quality inside your home

    How to Use? 

    • Open the front cover of your wall mounted AC. Remove and clean the existing filtering screen.
    • Place the 3M filters vertically onto the center of the screens allowing gaps on each side. They cover about 80% surface of the existing filtering screen for optimal air flow.

    About the Brand

    3M is a global technology company delivering innovative solutions to life's everyday needs. A pioneer in various products ranging from Post-it Notes, Scotch Transparent Duct Tapes, Scotch-Brite cleaning products and many more.