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Gifts Or Combo Sets - Dry Skin Bath & Body Combo


Dry Skin Bath & Body Combo

Rs. 1,725.00


Dry Skin Bath & Body Combo includes:
1. Rose & Geranium Soap (100g): The heavenly scented Rose infused with the goodness of Geranium hydrate and revitalize the skin along with reducing the wrinkles and toning the muscles.
2. Desiccated Coconut with Saffron Face & Body Scrub (50g): A perfect scrub for instant skin brightening and glow this winter. Treat yourself to this exotic creation made with desiccated coconuts and pure saffron that will leave your skin feeling smooth, bright and glowing, without robbing it of any moisture.
3. Wild Rose Body Butter (100g):Mightily scented rose cream that induces stimulation and toning of skin. The Rose infused body butter softens skin and keeps you smelling great.
4. Rose and Grapeseed Face Mist (50ml): Affluent with sweetly perfumed Rose essential oil, Grape seed oil and Rosewater, this face mist cools down the skin, tones it and revives its freshness and plumpness.

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