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Premium Samples - Daily Defence Kit


Daily Defence Kit

Rs. 125.00


Daily Defence Kit includes:
1. Seer Secrets: Honey & Geranium Pore Refining Multi Cleanser (30ml): Made from real Nepalese honey and antioxidant-rich geranium, this cleanser contains active bionutrients and polysaccharides. It minimized pores and tones skin without over-drying. Its 40% honey content ensures deep nurture for your skin.

2. Seer Secrets: Lavender Mist: This refreshing facial mist can also be used multiple times per day as a gentle skin refresher. It is made with 100% natural ingredients to give you the ultimate skin refreshing treatment. It is all natural & 100% alcohol-free.

3. Seer Secrets: D’fend SPF 50+ Creme (5g): The SPF 50+ sunscreen creme from Azafaran provides maximum UVA protection which blocks more than 90 percent of the sun rays. Enriched with minerals and light moisturizing particles, it gets absorbed into the skin quickly and does not leave behind a shiny, white cast.


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