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Tea - Coconut Sencha Tea

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Coconut Sencha Tea

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Coconut not only increases the taste of sencha but its ravishing coolness calms your mind and burns those extra kilos with pleasure. Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea, Dried coconut Steps towards a Perfect Cup of Tea: - Place 1 Tea spoon(2 grams) of tea in the pot . - Heat water to 80-85°C. - Pour 200 ml of hot water on the top of tea-leaves. - Let it infuse for 3-5 minutes, according to your taste. - Now you can enjoy your tea with a great smile. Health Gain Factor: Coconut Sencha is almost like a health soup as sencha helps you loose weight and coconut keeps you cool. Sencha also aids the body in regulating blood pressure and reduces heart problems. Anti-oxidants stop the unrequired cell formation in the body. Feel Good Factor: The superb mocktail of coconut and refreshing Sencha tea not only increases the taste of Sencha but its ravishing coolness calms your mind. Make it your companion for the day and coconut Sencha will never disappoint you. Quality Factor: Sip on the delightful blend. The tea, with grated coconut and hand-rolled Sencha leaves, is prepared in a way to lock the health benefits completely in the tea. NO Flavors added.

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