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Perfumes For Him - Classic Deo

Jaguar Fragrances

Classic Deo

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The refreshing note perceived at first contact comes from the refined blend of mandarin, bergamot and orange. This pleasing prelude flows immediately into the aromatic accord of lavender, juniper berry, basil and anise star.
It evolves into a fine heart note in which the delicacy of lotus flowers and orange blossom blends seductively with the spiciness of ginger.
It is the subtle woody and balsamic notes, accompanied by luxurious sandalwood, sumptuous benzoin and white musk, which are responsible for the lasting sensuousness of this fragrance.

Top Notes: Bergamont Anis Star Grapefruit.
Heart Notes: Lavender Lotus Flower Ginger.
Base Notes: Sandalwood White Musk Benzoin

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