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Body Mask & Polisher – Tan Removal and Skin Illuminating


Body Mask & Polisher – Tan Removal and Skin Illuminating

Rs. 100.00


About the Product

12 exotic herbs and flowers blend in this natural scrub to give you skin lightening benefits from the first use itself. Enriched with fruit acids and vitamin C, orange peel naturally brightens the skin and encourages skin regeneration. Rose hydrates, while extracts of vetiver and sandalwood cool the skin and repair blemishes. Neem helps balance oiliness and keeps acne at bay, while Manjishtha and Anantmool make skin glow.

How to Use

Mix with water or pure rosewater (for oily skin) or with milk/yogurt (for dry skin) to form a paste and let it soak for 2 minutes. Scrub in evenly on skin, taking care to use gentle strokes. Tingling may occur due to rich herbal concentration. Rinse off with cold water. Use twice a week for best results. Do not use on broken or sensitive skin.


Sample Size Products are not for Retail Sale. The ₹100 mentioned is the convenience Fee.

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