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Blue Amore Tea


Blue Amore Tea

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About the product:
Blue tea (Butterfly blue pea flower) has long been used in eastern alternative medicine as a herbal infusion to cleanse the body and rid the mind of any form of stress. In recent years, the infusion of the blue pea flower has gained popularity because of its studied positive effects on cognitive function, Not to mention the intensely alluring diffusion of color that has you fixated on steeping the exotic drink. Perfect for times when you need a quiet moment to reflect and gather your thoughts.

Product Benefits:
Anti-aging properties, and its favorable effects on skin health. This tea is known to be high in Anti-oxidant properties. It is also said to reduce symptoms of anxiety leaving your mood uplifted. 

Butterfly blue pea flower.

Taste Notes:
Dominant notes of steamed rice in the beginning which subside to reveal softer notes of cooked beans in the middle and ends on a note similar to a crust of dry brown bread.

Sealed-at-Source Freshness:
Teas come in Teapacks - The World's First Natural Nitrogen-Flushed Teabags that seal in the freshness of teas better than any other. The teas are sealed at source within 48 Hours from harvest guaranteeing you the freshest tea experience possible!

About the brand: 
Teabox is on a mission to ensure that every cup of tea consumed in the World is Fresh. That is why they have revolutionized how tea comes to you. They source directly from over 150 states across India and Nepal. The finest teas come to us often within a few hours of production.

So, whether you enjoy a Single Estate Tea or one of the Signature Blends only Teabox can deliver the freshest cup of tea.

Note: The tin's image is for representation and the color of the actual tin may vary.

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