Black Trumpets

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The Horn-of-Plenty is the common Craterellus Cornucopioides, known also as the Horn-Like Cratarellus. The Horn-of-Plenty is known in France as the Trompette des Maures, in Germany as Herbsttrompeten, in Italia as the Corno Dell'Abbondanza. This mushroom is a black relative of the chanterelle. Smaller in size than the orange chanterelle, the caps are funnel-shaped and hollow all the way down to the base of the stem. It has been well described as a black Petunia. The texture is crisp and firm, like the Black Fungus, but tastier.

- Traditional, European mushroom
- It has an excellent flavor, which is revealed only once it is dried and then reconstituted
- The outstanding quality of this extract is its rich, buttery character
- It makes one of the few mushroom sauces that go exceptionally well with fish
- Also, add it to soups or stews for texture or flavor
- Sauté in butter, or chop and simmer in a white sauce, then serve on thin slices of toast

Soak the mushrooms in lukewarm water for about 15 minutes, before cooking.

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