Azafran Tea Tree Cleansing Face Wash 50gms

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About the Product

Removes excess oil and other impurities without drying the skin.

Australian tea tree oil: The oil is more effective in treating acne. It dries out white heads and black heads thus preventing further breakouts. It controls oil production, removes damaged skin cells and treats blemishes. 

Soya butter: Organic soya butter is very soft with excellent spread-ability and moisturizing properties. High in natural vitamin E, it helps in skin cell regeneration.

Coconut oil: Organic oil of coconut is rich in vitamins, and keep the skin healthy, and balanced.

How to use:
- Squeeze the required amount of Facewash in your palms or on a soft washcloth.
- Apply on face and neck using circular motions. Massage for a minute, allowing the organic ingredients to penetrate your skin.
- Rinse off with water. Using cold water will shrink enlarged pores, and improve blood circulation.
- Use twice a day for clear and radiant looking skin.