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Antioxidant and Natural Detoxifier Organic Curcumin

Geo Fresh Organic

Antioxidant and Natural Detoxifier Organic Curcumin

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About the Product


Organic Gotu Kola 

Gotu Kola extract helps reduce stress and anxiety, improves blood circulation to the brain and nourishes the nervous system. It helps calm nerves and improve sleep quality, thus boosting overall vitality and energy. It also promotes mental clarity, improves memory, and uplifts the mood.

Organic Bacopa

A renowned brain-booster in Ayurveda, Bacopa (Brahmi) helps in improving memory and concentration. It rejuvenates the mind and alertness, with active compounds - Bacoside A and B  - supporting optimum performance of the brain and nervous system. Bacopa regulates blood dopamine levels and promotes relaxation naturally.


Suggested Dosage

Adults, 2 tablets twice a day before meals.


Sample Size Products are not for Retail Sale. The 100 Rs mentioned is convenience Fee

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