Anaha Intensive Neck & Shoulder Massage Balm

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About the Product

Anaha, an Ayurvedic neck and shoulder ache balm that uses more than 54 healing herbs and oils to create a neck strengthening remedy so powerful it's unparalleled in modern medicine. While Alopathy only provides a way to control pain, Ayurveda designed a system of healing mechanisms designed to counter the underlying cause of neck pain- severely deteriorated neck muscles.Features:- A steady decrease in the frequency of neck pain.- Drastic reduction of neck pain during the day or at the end of the day.- Significantly reduced discomfort during activities that involve neck muscle strain.- Drastic reduction in referred pain- shoulder pain.- Reduced frequency of knots between shoulder blades due to neck pain.- Significant reduction in pain going down a single arm.- Significant reduction in headaches caused due to neck pain.- Improved mood and reduced anxiety.- Reduced stress and irritability.How to use:Rub in small circular strokes applying medium to strong pressure on the sides of the spine for absorption. Do NOT apply excessive pressure on the spine, only gentle strokes are recommended.

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