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Premium Samples - All About Coffee


All About Coffee

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All About Coffee includes:
1. Colombian Brew Coffee: Mint Instant Coffee (10g): Ground using traditional Colombian techniques, this 100% Arabica coffee blend comes with an unusual minty flavour. The refreshing twist of mint enhances the smooth, strong taste of the coffee. Free from chicory, this is coffee as it was mint to be.

2. True South: Malabar (1 serving): When you like your coffee smooth and medium strong, True South’s Malabar blend is a perfect choice. With 25% chicory, this filter coffee decoction is warm, flavourful, and a coffee lover's delight. Simply ass five parts boiled milk to one part True South and savour its rich, silky goodness.

3. Teddy Roosevelt Luxury Coffee: Luxury Instant Coffee (2 Servings): This pack presents one of the world's finest instant coffee grounds for immediate indulgence. The perfect serve size for your cup, made from pure Arabica Bean agglomerated coffee, this brew is the luxe pick-me-up of every coffee-lover's dream. The Arabica bean, indigenous to the forests of southwestern highlands of Ethiopia is also found in Brazil, Colombia and India. Teddy Roosevelt experts handpick the best coffee berries from these sources of origin.


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