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Skin Care - Ageless Derma Wrinkle Repair Serum


Ageless Derma Wrinkle Repair Serum

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About the product:

Mimicking natural collagen, this plant stem cell potent serum forms a shield on your skin, restoring elasticity and making it brighter & moist.


- Derma Wrinkle Repair Serum battles wrinkles by filling collagen into the skin cells

- It mimics the natural collagen by forming a protective layer that helps make the skin tight

- Restores the elasticity of the skin

- Makes it brighter and moist

How to use:

-Clean the face and pat dry

-Apply 2 to 3 drops on face and neck

-Massage gently using finger tips


Inspired by break through research in Plant Stem cells, Youth Advance was born to fight skin ageing right at its root. Using the extract of stem cells from Argan tree, one of the oldest and the rarest plant species found in the world and selected for its exceptional ability to protect and reinforce the regenerative capability of skin cells. Developed by Kaya Dermatologists, the Kaya Derma Wrinkle Repair Serum has collagen and HA which mimics the natural collagen produced by our skin, creates a protective layer around the skin by filling the skin cells.

About the brand:

Kaya is India’s leading chain of dermatologist-backed clinics committed to delivering flawless skin and healthy hair. Equipped with state-of-art safe technologies, our solutions span from Laser Hair Removal, Anti-Ageing, Pigmentation, Acne/ Scars, Hair loss, thinning, Hair transplants and a wide range of dermatologist formulated retail product

Shelf Life(in months): 24

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