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Body Washes & Soaps

Who doesn't love a rich, foamy body wash or a wonderful handcrafted bar of soap? That luxurious feeling of clean and soft skin is just unmissable, as is our curated collection of bodywashes and soaps...
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Ayurvedic Soap Set on Smytten | Soap Set | Wild Earth
Bath & Body - Body Wash
Body wash
Rs. 348.00
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Body wash & Soap Combo on Smytten | Combo | Wild Earth
Body Wash - Body Wash (Him)
Body Wash (Him)
Rs. 1,450.00
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Coffee Buzz Body Cleanser on Smytten | Shower Gel | Anatomicals
Energizing Bath and Shower Gel on Smytten | Body Wash | Bottega di LungaVita
Energizing Bath and Shower Gel
Rs. 472.00
Rs. 590.00
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Floral Soap Combo on Smytten | Soap Combo | Wild Earth
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Goat Milk Baby Soap